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Local Conservation Groups
Tapteal Greenway - incl. Amon Basin Friends of Badger Mountain Friends of Mid-Columbia Wildlife River Refuges
Washington Native Plant Society - Columbia Basin Chapter Blue Mountain Wildife - Raptor rehabilitation
Local and Regional Bulletin Boards
LCBirds2 - Our LOCAL bulletin board for where the birds are TODAY BirdYak - Yakima birders' bulletin board Tweeters - Regional birders' boardl
Refuges, Monuments, government agencies
McNary Environmental Education Center (MEECe) - at McNary Refuge USFWS Mid-Columbia River Refuges/ Cinnamon Teal
USFWS Hanford Reach National Monument Save the Reach - creating the Hanford Reach Monument The Reach - Hanford Reach Interpretive Center
Washington Dept. of Fish &a Wildlife
WDFW Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary/ WDFW Owl Cam
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
Malheur Field Station
Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge
Regional Birding Events & Festivals
Othello Sand Hill Crane Festival (March) Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival (May) Bird Web (Seattle Audubon)
List of Regional Festivals by Date
Regional / National Birding and Conservation Organizations
Audubon Washington

Links to other Chapter Websites in Washington
National Audubon Society

Great Backyard Birdcount

Washington Ornithological Society
Christmas Bird Count -

Nature Conservancy Washington
Washington Birder
On-Line Bird Guides and Bird Information
Cornell's All About Birds - Online bird guide with sound recordings Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Project Feeder Watch (Cornell Lab)
World Bird Guide - multimedia guide with photos and sound American Bird Conservancy Barrow's Goldeneye female
Institute of Bird Populations - avian conservation. bird banding Bird Life International
Falcon Research Group - radio
tracking falcons from Chili to Arctic
The Peregrine Fund - Idaho non-profit, to conserve birds of prey in nature Merlin Falcon Foundation
The Owl Pages - all about owls Journey North - Hummingbird & other migration maps Birdnotes - Web-accessible database for birders
North American Bird Info -
geographically organized & photos
Birdzilla - searchable database Washington Birds
Other websites we like
Denny Granstand's Photo Gallery - the lens of an area birder Birding Pal - Birdwatching contacts
and lodging World Wide
David Sibley's Blog
Tom Munson's Photo Gallery - a Spokane birder's photos Mike Danzenbaker's Photo Gallery
most North American birds
Larry Umthun's Photo Gallery

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