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122th Christmas Bird Count

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Count Area

Bird Count Map

All Christmas counts are standardized to a 7.5 mile radius circle (about 177 square miles). The LCBAS count circle is formally called the Washington Tri-cities circle and centers on the Columbia River shoreline closest to Rd. 68 in Pasco. This is a very large area that includes Selph Landing Road in Pasco, most of Two Rivers Park east of Kennewick and Badger Mountain in Richland.

Team Leader Contact Information

For more information on the Tri-Cities Christmas Bird Count, please contact Dana Ward, Christmas Bird Count Coordinator, at (509-545-0627) or email dcarlward@gmail.com.

To Participate

You will need to work alone or with family members or with someone you have been birding with regularly since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. No teams will be developed at 7:30 AM on count day, as in the past where unrelated or unacquainted individuals were assembled to bird together. These requirements will present some challenges such as individual or small group safety especially in cold or snowy weather, driving in traffic or simply the identification of a bird or group of birds. Physical safety as well as Covid-19 safety must be maintained at all times.

Feeder Birds

Special request for feeder watchers Since Covid-19 will hinder our usual counting protocols, feeder watchers could significantly contribute to our count, so if you have a feeder(s) or know people that have a feeder(s), please encourage them to count on December 18. To get an accurate count by species, remember to count only the maximum number of bird species seen at one time and not the total number of species seen all day. Also you can count birds in your yard even if you do not have a feeder since some birds like flickers and robins rarely go to a feeder. Recording the numbers of unidentified birds can also be useful.

Birds seen at bird feeders within the count circle are extremely important to the count. So if you have a feeder, please provide those numbers to a Team Leader. Feeder counts should be provided the day of the count, but can be called in shortly after December 19th.

The information that all counts generate is reviewed and placed in a database that is available to everyone on the internet. The database can be accessed through www.birdsource.org then select the Christmas Bird Count icon. The Tri-Cities count code is WATC.

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Why we participate

Our goal is to count as many species of birds and their numbers within the count circle as possible. To do this, we need as many teams as possible. Come for the morning or the entire day. In most areas, a fair amount of walking is involved.

Data from these counts becomes part of the largest wildlife database in the world. It is vital for determining the status of expanding and declining bird populations. The Tri-Cities count is one of the best supported counts in the state, and regularly has the highest number of species seen inland thanks to strong community support.

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ChristmasBird Count Potluck Dinner

Birder with spotting scope walking on lawn near Columbia River

Christmas Bird Count History

Christmas Bird Counts have occurred nationally for more than 119 years, and locally for nearly 40 years. Counts occur in 1900 locations around the United States and nearby countries. More than 60,000 volunteers participate.

The database can be accessed through www.birdsource.org, then select the Christmas Bird Count icon. The Tri-Cities count code is WATC.

Click To Get Prior Year Count Results --- A new window will open.
Step 1 - Select Year Range
Step 2 - From the drop down menus, select - Country: United States, State: Washington, then enter the Count Code: WATC
Step 3 - Click the radio button for WATC
Step 4 - Choose the file format and sort type
Step 5 - Click Export

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