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A small stock of books available for purchase at monthly meetings.   The inventory is focused on birding and environmental topics, and includes both new and used books. Stop by the Book Table and check these out.

We are able to buy most of our books at a discount price, so buying at the Book Table helps LCBAS raise money for our many conservation and education projects.

If you are not able to attend a meeting, you may email Kathy Criddle, Book Sales, to arrange for purchase.

Check out our book table the next time you attend.

Book Table Talk March 9, 2010
With Kathy Criddle

We have DVDs!  If you missed the movie night where we showed the wonderful story of Honey the Black-chinned Hummingbird, you will still be able to enjoy this family friendly film by purchasing the DVD of First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story.  This fascinating documentary film by Noriko and Don Carroll, shows the detailed efforts of a mother hummingbird as she works from building the nest, to egg laying, to feeding the nestlings, to fledging the young.  My favorite part is watching the little hatchlings as they struggle so hard to emerge from the egg shell. Go little raisin size babies! This DVD is available for $20 each.

Birders wishing to improve their skills at identifying North American birds will surely enjoy having some of the beautiful and meticulously filmed motion picture guides by award winning filmmakers Michael Male and Judy Firth.  We have Watching Warblers: a video guide to the warblers of Eastern North America, Watching Waders: a video guide to long-legged wading birds of the United States and Canada and my favorite, Watching Warblers West: a video guide to the warblers of Western North America.  This last video guide is packed full of information, sounds and maps to help you learn the warblers in parts of the west that many of us tend to visit.  All of the videos include range maps and “Fun with Songs” as well as many other extra features.  These DVDs are available for $35 each.

As spring birding gets under way and migration ramps up I recommend the annotated bird list, Birds of the Tri-Cities and Vicinity. This useful list was originally compiled by R.E. Woodley, Elizabeth Moore and numerous other observers and subsequently revised by Bill and Nancy LaFramboise from  updated records and input of local birders in Benton, Franklin and Walla Walla counties. The list includes 317 species and tells you what you may find and the status and observation dates of each bird.  As I become a better birder, this information is fantastic.  This must have list sells for $2.00.

The following guide is referenced frequently in our local Birding Locations pages:

A Birders Guide to WashingtonA Birder's Guide to Washington
ABA Birdfinding Guide     2003

Edited by Hal Opperman
Illustrated by Tony Angell
with contributions from members of the Washington Ornithological Society

Published by:  American Birding Association
ISBN 1-878788-20-5