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Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

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Birding Migrants

The following birds are not typically seen in the Lower Columbia Basin except during spring and/or fall migration. For the likelihood of seeing these migrants and relative abundance, refer to our Birds of the Tri-Cities Checklist. The checklist also notes other migrants that become summer residents.

Click on the name of each bird for the Cornell Bird Guide page (including photo, sound, habits). For species not included in the Cornell Bird Guide, marked with an *, we have linked to Seattle Audubon's Bird Web.

       Western Wood-Pewee
       Say’s Phoebe
       Eastern and Western Kingbirds
       American Pipit

      Chipping Sparrow
      Lincoln's Sparrow
Vaux's Swift

       Western and Mountain Bluebirds Vireos

Shorebirds - complete list

 Some are very rare; for relative abundance refer to our Annotated Checklist