Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

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Birding Locations

Birding Locations Alpha List Birding locations listed by Nearby Cities

Birding in and around the lower Columbia Basin of Washington State migration seasons. To help you find the places where the best variety of birds can be seen, we have created this webpage to include:
  • Locations lists - alphabetical and by proximity to towns
    • Location names correlate to Bird Sightings published monthly in The Curlew
  • Location descriptions including visitor tips and typical birds seen by season
  • Individually created Google Map links for each location
    • Use Google Map features to get driving directions
    • Click here for Google Maps
  • Page number references to A Birder's Guide to Washington
Alphabetical Location List
Locations known by multiple names are listed under all names
Click on the title to go to the description for each location
Acme Ponds
Amon Basin
Amon Creek
Amon Park
Badger Canyon
Barker Ranch
Bassett Park
Bateman Island / Marina
Big Flat HMU
Boise Cascade Heaps
Case Road
Casey Pond
Cemetery Road
Chamna Park (Preserve)
Charbonneau Park
Chiawana Park
Clodfelter Road
Cold Springs NWR
Columbia NWR
Columbia Park
County Line Ponds
County Well Road
Crow Butte Park
Fitzner-Eberhard (FEALE)
Gingko Park
Hanford Reach National Monument
Hanford Site
Hanson Boat Launch Pond
Hood State Park
Horn Rapids County Park
Horse Heaven Hills Map 1
Horse Heaven Hills Map 2
Howard Amon Park
Huntzinger Road
I-182 Yakima River Bridge
Ice Harbor Dam
Iowa Beef Ponds
Job's Nursery
Johnson Park
Leslie Groves Park
Levey Park (Levey Landing)
Lind Coulee
Lyon's Ferry State Park
Madame Dorian Park & Overlook
McBee Road
McManamon Road
McNary Dam
McNary NWR
MEEC (Education Center)
MP 300 Ponds
Nelson Island
Neppel Landing
North Richland neighborhoods

Palouse Falls
Para Ponds
Pasco Humane Society
Paterson Slough
Perch Point
Port Kelly
Port Wallula
Rattlesnake Mt.
Sacajawea State Park
Scootney Reservoir
Selph Landing Marsh
Sludge Piles
Smith Canyon
Snively Road
South Slope Rattlesnake Mt.
Two Rivers County Park
Two Rivers HMU
Tyson Ponds
Umatilla NWR
Van Hollebeke HMU
Vernita Rest Stop
Wahluke Unit
Walla Walla River Delta
WE Johnson Park
Webber Canyon
Whitcomb Island
Windust Park
Yakima River Delta

Geographically Grouped Location List

Click on the title to go to webpage for each area
West Richland, Benton City, and Prosser
  • Snively Road / Barker Ranch
  • Horn Rapids County Park
  • Hanford Reach National Monument - FEALE
  • Vernita Rest Stop
  • Horse Heaven Hills Map 1
    • McBee Grade Road
    • Webber Canyon
    • County Well Road
  • South Slope of Rattlesnake Mountain 
Richland - north of Interstate 182
  • Howard Amon Park
  • WE Johnson Park
  • Chamna Nature Preserve / Acme Ponds
  • Leslie Groves Park and Nelson Island
  • North Richland neighborhoods
  • I-182 Yakima River Bridge (west end)
  • Hanford Site (not available to public)
South Richland and farther south to the Columbia River
  • Amon Creek Basin and Willowbrook neighborhood
  • Horse Heaven Hills Map 2
    • Clodfelter Rd
    • Badger Canyon
    • Cemetery Rd
  • Paterson Slough (Umatilla NWR)
  • Whitcomb Island (Umatilla NWR)
  • Crow Butte Park
Yakima River Delta, Kennewick, Finley
  • Yakima River Delta
  • Bateman Island and Bateman Marina
  • Columbia Park
  • Two Rivers Park
Pasco and Franklin County
  • Chiawana Park
  • Pasco Humane Society Pond
  • Sacajawea Park
  • Job's Nursery
  • Selph Landing Marsh
  • Ringold
  • Smith Canyon
  • Scootney Reservoir
Burbank, Wallula and Walla River Delta
  • Hood Park
  • McNary NWR including 
    • Mid-Columbia River Refuge HQ
    • McNary Environ. Education Ctr (MEEC)
    • Casey Pond
    • Hansen Boat Launch Pond
    • Milepost 300 Pond
  • Walla Walla River Delta including 
    • Madame Dorian Park
    • Madame Dorian Overlook
    • Port of Wallula
    • Port Kelly
  • Tyson Ponds, Boise Cascade Compost Heaps & Dodd Road Sludge Field
Snake River Parks and areas
South Side (Walla Walla County)
  • Ice Harbor Dam
  • Charbonneau Park
  • Van Hollebeke HMU
North Side (Franklin County)
  • Levey Park (Landing)
  • Big Flat HMU
  • Windust
  • Palouse Falls State Park
  • Lyons Ferry
Othello, Moses Lake, Vantage, Washtucna
  • Hanford Reach National Monument - Wahluke
  • Columbia National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)
  • Othello - Para Ponds - West McManamon Road
  • County Line Ponds - Camano Island Feedlot
  • Corfu
  • Lind Coulee / Perch Point
  • Vantage
    • Huntzinger Road
    • Wanapum
    • Sentinel Gap Oasis
  • Washtucna - Bassett Park
Umatilla, Pendleton (NE Oregon)
  • McNary Dam
  • Cold Springs NWR