Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Serving Benton and Franklin Counties since 1965

All field trips and in-person meetings canceled until further notice!

curlew in flight Summertime!

LCBAS is off for the summer. We hope this summer is a big improvement over the last one. The next Monthly Meeting will be September 28. See you then.

curlew in flight Next Board Meeting

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon board meetings are currently only on Zoom.

LCBAS Facebook Stream

Local Birding Checklists

Birds of the Tri-Cities Checklist
[Note: This checklist is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 14 in paper and folded in 4 folds width-wise.]

Birds of the Tri-Cities Annotated Checklist

Participating in a Zoom Meeting

  1. First, download Zoom to your computer. Go to Zoom.us and click the little arrow by Resources, you’ll see a link to download, and also to training. Or, click on the little blue box on the right side: SIGN UP, IT’S FREE.
  2. Once you have downloaded Zoom, there are two ways to sign in to a Zoom meeting. You can join either through a live link to the meeting, or with the Meeting ID and password.
  3. To join with a live link: click and follow the link.