Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

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Junior Audubon Program

What is Junior Audubon?

Junior Audubon is a group of elementary school-aged children interested in learning about nature, the environment, and birds.

Members meet once a month on Saturdays for outings, and a few times a year for after school meetings at Hawthorne Elementary School.

Members participate in birding events such as The Great Backyard Bird Count and International Migratory Bird Day.

Members earn a pin for learning to identify ten birds, and a patch for completing Jr. Birder conservation and birding activities.

How to Join?

To join Junior Audubon, fill out an LCBAS Membership Form, mark 'student', and mail to the address listed on the form with $10.00. (Note: LCBAS family memberships [$20/year per family] can include Junior Members.)

For more information, contact: Education

For ways you can volunteer to help in this program, visit our Volunteer page

Bird Education Links for Kids

Junior Audubon Activity

Junior Audubon activities for the 2016-2017 School Year

Dates and events: TBA

Junior Audubon activity
Above: Watching ducks near Bateman Island

Left: Studying the Bird Guide

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