Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society

Serving Benton and Franklin Counties since 1965

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Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kennewick First Lutheran Church, 418 N Yelm St., Kennewick
Corner of Hwy 395 and Yelm

Mike Ritter

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Breaching the Bateman Island Causeway?

Mike will give us a briefing and answer our questions about breaching the Bateman Island causeway.

What species is this?

Black-throated Gray Warbler, possibly an immature male
ID ? Black-throated Gray Warbler, probably an immature male

Birds of the Tri-Cities Checklist
[Note: This checklist is designed to be printed on 8.5 x 14 in paper and folded in 4 folds width-wise.]

Birds of the Tri-Cities Annotated Checklist

Benton County Bird List for 2016
This is a list of species reported in Benton County by date.